Healthier Sleep

A good night’s sleep is just the thing
for regeneration of body, soul and mind.

Crafted from Nature

While luxury spas and elite skin care uses eucalyptus in their skin care products, Living Fresh is the first bedding crafted from nature using natural fibers engineered to promote relaxation and well-being during sleep. Since the processing of creating our linens is so gentle, the wonderful original qualities of the eucalyptus are retained. This is just one of the reasons why our bedding offers a Healthier Sleep option to alternative bedding.

Tencel+Plus™ absorb moisture and wicks it away from the body, creating a dry and cool sleep atmosphere. The perfect moisture management of this cellulosic fiber is responsible for the reduced bacteria growth without any additional chemicals or additives. Bacteria is created by moisture trapped in synthetic fabrics like polyester or 100% cotton during sleep. With Tencel+Plus™, moisture is immediately transported into the inside of the fiber. Thus, no moisture film, which can sustain bacterial growth, forms on our linens. In addition to staying cooler while you sleep and decreased night sweats, this moisture reduction lends itself to fewer allergens.

All of these qualities combined, provide you the healthiest sleep possible. It’s simple, if we sleep healthier, we live better. Haven’t we all experienced the relationship between the lack of sleep and the inability to function? It affects our mood, our productivity and our relationships, not to mention our overall health. It creates fatigue & lack of focus. We spend 40% of our lives in bed. Why not sleep on all natural, sustainable eucalyptus sheets, which promote well-being and healthier sleep? Living Fresh is not just a step towards sustainability for the environment, but sustainability of human health and well-being as well.

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